An Impromptu Prayer for the New Year




Enter 2015

How did I ring in the new year? Asleep in front of a fireplace with Picard curled up in my arms. Safe and warm. It may not be sexy, but it sure is wonderful.

Happy New Year to Everyone. May it be a year of less snark, judgement, and finger-pointing. May we pause for one nanosecond to find a reason to respect another’s view, rather than knee-jerk belittle it. May we all be role models to each other and each other’s children. May our first instinct be to help, rather than record (and share on social media), another whose struggle looks “funny.”

I didn’t plan on writing all that, I didn’t. It was just supposed to be me and Picard and a fireplace. But it’s New Year’s Day and the mind tends to do things like that, doesn’t it?