Mar 2 2013

Synopsis: The Adventures of Vulva Fervor

The iRay, a revolutionary medical invention that just may be the fountain of youth, has gone missing! And there’s only one person who can outsmart the mastermind behind a crime of this magnitude…

Vulva Fervor, a glamorous peacekeeping agent whose powers of persuasion are far more dangerous a weapon than any show of force, is about to face her greatest challenge yet: suppressing the urge to gag her jet-setting, air-headed, “stupid sister Viva”, a new recruit whom Vulva must train. Their paring can best be described as James Bond partnering-up with Austin Powers. In fashion boots.

Armed with only their wits, elite training, and two easily-agitated motion-detecting dachshunds, Team Fervor must spring into action to find the iRay – while still finding time to attend mandatory sibling psychotherapy sessions.


WATCH AS THEY stylishly work their way through the list of suspect who stand to gain the most by stealing the iRay: the worlds most famous diva; the NBA’s injury-plagued top player; the coach of an Olympic-bound women’s gymnastic team (whose medal chances are threatened by puberty); the terminally ill Senator who is willing to trade in a political favor in exchange for a his dying wish be granted; and the presidents of two rival anti-aging product corporations.

Combining the international intrigue of Casino Royale, the female empowerment of Charlie’s Angels, and the social commentary of Team America; The Adventures Of Vulva Fervor takes on –- in its own impossibly stylish way — youth-obsessed celebrities, starving prepubescent gymnasts, corporate greed, and sibling rivalry.



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Oct 18 2009

My Litcrawl: The View From Clarion Alley

My view of Clarion Alley at Litcrawl, just before my debut reading as Vulva Fervor.

My view of Clarion Alley at Litcrawl, just before my debut reading as Vulva Fervor.

Oct 12 2009

Meet International Secret Agent, Vulva Fervor, in person at Litquake’s Litcrawl

Vulva Fervor: waitin' on the man. Or woman.

Vulva Fervor: waitin' on the man. Or woman. Or...

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Litquake. If that weren’t exciting enough, I am honored to be introducing the legendary International Secret Agent Vulva Fervor, in her first ever public appearance in San Francisco. Agent Fervor will be kicking off Litquake’s Litcrawl in Clarion Alley by reading an excerpt from her memoirs, The Adventures Of Vulva Fervor. The theme is “Dirty In The Alley: Literature From The Gutter Up”. Vulva is still uncertain why she was asked to read on such a theme, but honored and delighted nonetheless.

Impossibly stylish security detail will be provided by the Mrs. Robinson Society. Frankly I expect the whole event to go down without incident. But there is always the off-chance that Vulva’s stupid sister Viva may make an unexpected appearance. And should that happen, all bets are off as to what could happen.

All of this happens on Saturday, October 17, at 18:00 PST. on Clarion Alley in San Francisco’s Mission District.