Mar 2 2013

An introduction to the serial “The Saga of Gray & Nameless”

Please visit us at our new virtual Pup House!

As you might have guessed by their names, days were pretty dull for Gray & Nameless before they met. But together, they’ve found that every day can provide lots of opportunities to learn, to be of service, AND to have exciting adventures! They demonstrate that everyone who applies themselves, no matter how different they are from the pack (even 1″ rubber pit bulls!) should be accepted, treated with dignity, and given a chance to prove their value to society.

The Saga Of Gray & Nameless” looks at our society from the perspective of two 1″ pit bulls. They live in the same world we do, and face the same responsibilities and challenges that we face. But for them, even the most mundane task — like dropping a letter in a mailbox — can pose a difficult and dangerous situation. Yet their enthusiasm to accomplish each and every goal remains undeterred.

In addition the their daily pupdates and mini puptales, there is the series of  stories (suitable for kids of all ages).  Follow their saga on their own site,, and if you’re on Facebook, click here to visit their page. Become a fan and view  their photo albums to see their full (yet ongoing) story.

Jul 1 2010

Gray & Nameless have a new home!

Please visit us at our new virtual Pup House!

I’ll miss them here, but it was time, and they’ve earned it. Gray & Nameless now have their very own website: There you’ll find the Daily Pupdates, exciting Puptales, and the complete collection of children’s books, and other fun stuff — SOON. There’s an awful lot of content to upload. But their Facebook page will live on, as will their presence on Twitter . You can even write to them at

Jun 17 2010

Chapter 10: San Francisco’s A Small World After All!

When Gray & Nameless visit their dear friend, Mr. Boo, in his San Francisco neighborhood of  Chinatown, they discover an entirely different culture  — and are set on a journey to learn about as many cultures as possible in San Francisco’s many ethnic neighborhoods!

Feb 11 2010

Chapter 9: Working Class Pups!

Feeling the urge to be a more productive part of society, Gray & Nameless set a goal to join the workforce!

Feb 8 2010

Chapter 8: Even Pups Need To Reach Out For Help Sometimes

After going through an unsettling ordeal, Nameless has difficulty returning to everyday life. But with Gray at his side for support, he gets the help he needs to put the experience behind him and move on.

Jan 30 2010

Rainy Day Pups

Jan 13 2010

Country Pups

Jan 13 2010

City Pups

Jan 12 2010

Chapter 7: Adventures Doing Good Deeds!

One night, Gray & Nameless learned that helping others is its own reward. And it can be fun!

Dec 21 2009

Our Holiday Greeting Card Collection!

We love nothing more than getting in the spirit of holidays by making cards for our friends!