Nov 26 2008

You don’t need children to have a delightful playdate. You just need a Mancub!

Yesterday with the Mancub was the best ever!  Our planned activity was not only a practical one, but a fun one. More painting, but this time for a fun project that’s going to cover the big wall in my bedroom. I got the idea from an issue of Architectural Digest I stole from my banker. There was this picture of a mirror with some textured pattern over it. A $12K mirror. That ain’t gonna happen. But with that picture, my imagination, and $85, my wall is going to look spectacular.

But I digress. So we painted in bright vivid colors while listening to old-school Christmas carols. We actually managed to not track paint throughout the apartment (an accomplishment in and of itself). We drove out to Westlake Joes (super old-school restaurant) and enjoyed the early-bird dinner (GET THE STEAK BRUNO —  RARE!!!) We got an apple pie to go. Slapped a second coat of paint on, heated said pie, drowned it in Haagen Dazs vanilla, and went crosseyed with pleasure. All with the enchanting voices of Bing, Dino, and Rosemary singing songs of Christmas joy from another era in the background.

Best part: Mancubs don’t spit up on you after they eat too much pie. Instead, they rub that lingering kink out of your neck. See, there’s something to be said for child-free playdates! Til next time, when we deck the walls — as my shotgun apartment has no halls — HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Nov 15 2008

Chapter 4 of “The Saga Of Gray & Nameless”: A Big Trip To Grandma’s!

Click on each picture to read Gray & Nameless’s story!

Nov 13 2008

Seen on the Streets of San Francisco


The mysterious stranger in the shadows caught my attention…

Nov 12 2008

Putting a nice shine on #!$&

Calling this a morning-after musing is very kind on my part. It’s an “I woke up way too early but as usual, once the brain kicks in that’s it, I’m up” rant.

And sometimes the brain kicks in on some really tedious crap. Such as? Getting a stupid song stuck in your head, a song you haven’t heard by choice and sheer good luck for a very long time. The song in question: Kansas’ “Dust In The Wind”. But the brain can’t stop there. It has to analyze the utter lameness of this song, getting stuck on the Yoda-esque “and all your money won’t another minute buy” lyric.

So now, I have to, HAVE TO rack my brain for equally lame song lyrics. Here are a few that come to mind. Some aren’t really that that awful, they just bug  me.

1. Tell grandma you fell off the swing (Pat Benatar, Hell is for Children)

2. The rivers are full of crocodile nasties (Bungle in the Jungle, Jethro Tull)

3. Hit It (Lonely People, America. Of significance is the fact that they say “hit it” right before a harmonica solo. You heard me. Not a drum or guitar or sax solo. A harmonica solo)

4. He’s a one-trick pony. He either fails or he succeeds (One Trick Pony, Paul Simon. This detail is a given of all living creatures).

5. Knee deep in the hoopla. (We Built This City, Jefferson Starship. Stupid song, stupider lyric).

Hey, this blog thing really works, I’m getting sleepy! There were more bad lyrics, but I’m gonna see if I can fall back asleep. I guarantee this bad lyrics list will grow.

Nov 9 2008


What do you call that random moment of LOL levity that get you through a time of XXL gravity? Hey, It Is What It Is.

Oh, you wanted a real answer? Okay…

It Is What It Is (IIWII) incorporates multimedia (texting, emailing, IMing), onstage and in real time, to illustrate the many simultaneous lines of communication we conduct at any given time — and how the medium affects the message.

Siblings Peter, Lena, and their much younger brother Bink reunite at the deathbed of their elderly father, George. In doing so, it comes to light how childhood “memories” (or, are they?) shaped the adults they became. The seeds of Peter’s need to control, Lena’s obsession with documenting events, and Bink’s lack of attention from his father are put under the microscope – and projected onto the stage wall, through their text, email, and instant messages – message that often contradict the actual words they speak.

As they struggle through this crisis — and the other issues in their lives — they consciously or unconsciously are “shaping” these new experiences; thus curating future memories. And in the end, they come to understand the people that they call “family”.

Check out the reviews!

Download the 2008 SF Fringe Festival (abridged) version of the script here. iiwii_2009


Lena……………..Katarina Fabic

Bink………………Robert Anthony Peters

George………….Duane Schirmer

Peter………….Colin Stuart


Nov 8 2008

Sitcom pilot: Come Fly With Me Nude

To download the pilot script, please click below:


Imagine “Friends” if they were interesting. Imagine “Seinfeld” is they weren’t so Jewish — not that there’s anything wrong with that. Imagine “Taxi” for today. Yeah, that’s it: “Taxi” for Today!

Nov 8 2008

And of course, the stage show “Come Fly With Me Nude”

It’ll be back. New cast, for Todd and I both feel it’s time to pass the torch. We’re both focusing on new projects, plus we want to watch some new blood breath new life into Dom & Bella. We’re both focusing on writing. All of this is my pleasant was of saying “we’re getting a little long in the tooth to be Dom & Bella. And honestly, it’s a relief. If you’ve ever seen us perform the Dolphin Dance or the ice skating routine (sans ice), you know exactly what I mean.

But stay tuned. Any breaking news will be announce here first. Or on Dom & Bella’s blog.

Nov 8 2008

As for “Come Fly With Me Nude” the movie…

There’s a whole virtual world surrounding Come Fly With Me Nude” the movie.

There’s the actual movie site.

There’s Dom & Bella’s site protesting the movie.

There’s Dom & Bella’s blog.

There’s Omni-Dazzle Television’s (the network that lured Dom & Bella to Hollywood) site.

There’s the site for St. John Smythe, host of “The Art of Conversation” (Omni-Dazzle’s talk show that delves into the artist’s process.).

There’s the site for “The Art of Conversation”.

The’re the site for the very sexy and impossibly talented Patrick Bowsher, who scored the film.

And of course, the IMDB site.

Nov 7 2008

Seen on the Streets of San Francisco


Rejected from mime troupe. Not a "team player".

Rejected from mime troupe. Not a “team player”.

Nov 2 2008

“Mancub”, defined.



All women Of A Certain Age should have a Mancub. What is a Mancub? He is the Cabana-boy for those us living urban, cabana-less lives. He is a slightly furry, well-muscled puppy. Precious, there-when-we-call, cuddly, and safe. Not too safe. He could make a mess of our lives if we allowed it. So we “train” our Mancub early on to prevent…er, “accidents”, missteps if you will. And they fulfill a meaningful role in our lives. Companionship and affection when we need. Heavy objects mounted to our apartment walls (the best mancub owns a toolbelt — or at the very least a mean tool box. I know mine does) when we redecorate. And what do they ask in return? A hot meal, a nap, a belly-rub. A smart Mancub does not ask for more. And I highly recommend finding a smart one — it will make things much easier. Trust me.

Who could resist having a Mancub? Who would want to?



Mine came over last week to hang some cool, long (but heavy) mirrors I found in my basement. The plan was to hang them horizontally, to create 2 parallel long “lines” through my apartment to create the illusion of length. They were stuck together, courtesy of super heavy-duty sticky tape on back. So stuck together were they that when mancub was trying to separate them, one broke (they’re pretty cheap & thin, the mirrors). So now what? This turned out to be a happy accident. We hung them instead vertically in my bedroom, staggered, on a small wall between the window & door. It maximizes light, and looks awesome! AND I now have a full-length mirrors in the bedroom! However, this took longer than planned, and he had to leave for an appointment, I for work. But I left him a key, as he was going to return the next day to hang my closet door (I’d removed it when I painted the bedroom). He did not return the next day. He returned that night, and my door was hanging when I got home from work.