Jul 4 2013

If you’re also wide awake at 4:36am, and want something to put you to sleep…

… sorry, I got nuthin’.


But if it’s riveting reading material you crave, look no further. aMios has posted all of the short plays I’ve written for its Shotz! series on their website! Look for me, Diane Karagienakos. Or just click on my name to the left.

Shotz!  Six plays.  Five minutes each. Three themes. One night only.  Called “A theatrical time bomb” by the New York Times. On the first Monday of every month (or two),  aMios’ actors present spontaneous, hilarious and sometimes heart-warming plays. Written and rehearsed within a month, performed with high-energy fearlessness. aMios has been brewing fresh plays in NYC since 2009 and in San Francisco since 2012.

aMios (which stands for “…art and music in our souls.” – Oscar Wilde) was founded in 2009 by graduates of the National Theatre Conservatory.  aMios is a process-driven company that relies on each artist involved by engaging them in a way that allows them to fully realize their work immediately. The writers are given themes and a specified time to write. The directors and actors are given a specified amount of time to stage the work. Then we produce their work. The end result is inspired, personal, organic and surprising. Every performance is different. Each show, a fresh start.