Sep 13 2008

The Phenomenon of the Facebook Wall

Okay, perhaps “phenomenon” is too strong a word. Nevertheless, I was wondering why everyone is acting like they’re in high school again and passing notest to each other for all to see on the Facebook Wall.

And I think it’s because its just fun. It’s like writing graffiti, with no risk of getting caught. And chased by cops. And lets face it, most of us can’t scale walls like we used to. Not that I ever got chased by cops. Or got caught breaking any laws. Or even broke any laws, for that matter. No I am certain I am speaking hypothetically. Let’s move on, shall we?

The Facebook wall is like one big bumper you can plaster with all your virtual bumperstickers. Self expression without looking tacky. And they’re easy to remove. If only we were all so eager to communicate on a more personal level. Think I’ll save that one for a separate musing.

But yeah, it’s like having some of the fun stuff about being a teenager again, without all the other crap that you would never, ever want to live through again. Yeah, the only 2 things I miss about it are 1. Knowing I’m invincible, and 2. The skin. Youthful skin is exquisite. Unless of course you had acne. My apologies if I upset anyone who did. I didn’t mean to be insensitive.

And that is today’s musing. Thank you.