Apr 1 2016

Community (and knowing what not to photograph)

Sometimes, it's what you don't see.

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t see.

Behind me is a group of men, big Harley/trucker-looking men, gathered around a picnic table, as they are every Thursday morning. I thought it was a work meeting. Right now, they are praying. So I suspect it’s a different sort of meeting. And it makes me happy, that they have this community. Community is good. I’m between communities right now, except of course for my online community. But it’s really not the same, is it?

I didn’t photograph these men, out of respect for their anonymity and dignity, and because it’s not necessary. Sometimes it’s better to let your mind fill in the blanks for you; to put yourself in the picture.

Aug 25 2012

A typical bus ride with Picard.

These two flirted for the entire bus ride.

Jun 12 2009

The danger of drinking wine late at night with a photographer:

"The duality of knees." (annonymous)

"The duality of knees." (anonymous)

Nov 7 2008

Seen on the Streets of San Francisco


Rejected from mime troupe. Not a "team player".

Rejected from mime troupe. Not a “team player”.