Apr 3 2009

If you love stories, like I love stories…

have a seat, listen up...… then come hear me tell one live! I’m on the roster of Porchlight Storytellers Series this month, when  the theme is “Kitchen Confidential.”

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant or bar, you probably have way too many stories of your own to stomach watching the reality shows on the subject. However, what’s so cool about Porchlight’s Series is that it’s live. It’s real. It’s old school and even though they have a theme, you’re guaranteed to be blown away by the humor/heartbreak/surprise that you only get with live storytelling.

It’s on Monday, April 20 at the Verdi Club in Potrero Hill. Great old-school venue. Doors open at 7pm, stories start at 8, $12 admission.