Nov 8 2008

Sitcom pilot: Come Fly With Me Nude

To download the pilot script, please click below:


Imagine “Friends” if they were interesting. Imagine “Seinfeld” is they weren’t so Jewish — not that there’s anything wrong with that. Imagine “Taxi” for today. Yeah, that’s it: “Taxi” for Today!

Nov 8 2008

And of course, the stage show “Come Fly With Me Nude”

It’ll be back. New cast, for Todd and I both feel it’s time to pass the torch. We’re both focusing on new projects, plus we want to watch some new blood breath new life into Dom & Bella. We’re both focusing on writing. All of this is my pleasant was of saying “we’re getting a little long in the tooth to be Dom & Bella. And honestly, it’s a relief. If you’ve ever seen us perform the Dolphin Dance or the ice skating routine (sans ice), you know exactly what I mean.

But stay tuned. Any breaking news will be announce here first. Or on Dom & Bella’s blog.