Nov 8 2008

Sitcom pilot: Come Fly With Me Nude

To download the pilot script, please click below:


Imagine “Friends” if they were interesting. Imagine “Seinfeld” is they weren’t so Jewish — not that there’s anything wrong with that. Imagine “Taxi” for today. Yeah, that’s it: “Taxi” for Today!

Nov 8 2008

And of course, the stage show “Come Fly With Me Nude”

It’ll be back. New cast, for Todd and I both feel it’s time to pass the torch. We’re both focusing on new projects, plus we want to watch some new blood breath new life into Dom & Bella. We’re both focusing on writing. All of this is my pleasant was of saying “we’re getting a little long in the tooth to be Dom & Bella. And honestly, it’s a relief. If you’ve ever seen us perform the Dolphin Dance or the ice skating routine (sans ice), you know exactly what I mean.

But stay tuned. Any breaking news will be announce here first. Or on Dom & Bella’s blog.

Nov 8 2008

As for “Come Fly With Me Nude” the movie…

There’s a whole virtual world surrounding Come Fly With Me Nude” the movie.

There’s the actual movie site.

There’s Dom & Bella’s site protesting the movie.

There’s Dom & Bella’s blog.

There’s Omni-Dazzle Television’s (the network that lured Dom & Bella to Hollywood) site.

There’s the site for St. John Smythe, host of “The Art of Conversation” (Omni-Dazzle’s talk show that delves into the artist’s process.).

There’s the site for “The Art of Conversation”.

The’re the site for the very sexy and impossibly talented Patrick Bowsher, who scored the film.

And of course, the IMDB site.