Nov 1 2012

Welcome to My Adultland. It’s wonderful to see you here.

I'm just a girl.

I’m just a girl.

Shall we start with the question “What is Adultland?”

“A place with rules.” So it was defined by someone who felt the need to point out some fundamental truths to me. “We live in adultland here, we have rules”. I won’t go into boring detail about the backstory that lead to this enlightening yet sobering (literally) declaration — unless you write in and beg for it. But it made me think. And I replied “I, too,  live in ‘Adultland’. But in my Adultland, the rules can be bent and broken. In fact, that’s half the fun! So long as you’re not deliberately hurting anyone.”

So, if you think adultland is filled with girls gone wild and the fantasy of SoCo Coke-drenched sticky experiences with stranger in bathroom stalls of Vegas casinos, this isn’t for you. See, My Adultland is what I imagined adulthood to be. Adulthood was filled with Glamour. Adulthood was filled with Mystery. Adulthood was sexy —  just beneath the surface. What was unsaid and unseen was far more… interesting. Of course what the hell did I know? I was a kid growing up in Vegas (back when Vegas had Glamour and Mystery and Dean Martin) whose imagination was sent soaring by all the subliminal messages in Brut and Windsong commercials of the seventies. But you know what? I still cling to my visions of what adultland can be. I’m bringing sexy back. My way. Mommies, you are welcome — just get a sitter for the little ones first. Smoking is permitted — please step outside and use the ashtray.

Sorry, I’ve got nothing to share on recent child-rearing studies, automobile safety, or Starbucks vs. Peets. But I know a thing or 2 about vintage boots; great food, wine & cocktails; blowing up your life mid-way through and starting over; and the power of Funk. Oh no, you cannot fight the funk… the funk will find you.

And yes, what happens in My Adultland stays in My Adultland. Now excuse me while I slip into something more comfortable…


Diane Karagienakos

The Queen of My Adultland

ps — please don’t ever write in to me about typos, mis-spelling, etc. I’m a stickler for that sort of thing. That said, most of my postings here will be done very late at night. With a glass of good red nearby. Meaning “I DON’T CARE ABOUT TYPOS RIGHT NOW.”

Thank You.